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Plastic injection - activities

Plastic injection molding:

Pressing and production of plastic parts is carried out in our newly opened plant on new and modern machines Arburg with the Selogica control system.

In addition, our plant was further expanded by a fully electric machine Zhafir Venus Series VE 900 with the Sigmatek control system.

And since 1stFebruary 2012 we have added a new machine to our portfolio, the Engel Victory 750/220 SPEX with robot type Viper 12 - regular RC 200 integert with the CC200 control system.

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Of course we dispose of the necessary peripherals from Piovan for a reliable and stable process control.

In requirements for produced components made from various plastic materials, all of our presses are originally equipped with "armored chambers" for processing of materials with glass filler.

Using our machines, we are able to produce plastic parts weighing up to 400 grams in accordance with processing and technical possibilities of plastic materials.

All machines are equipped with staging conveyor.

With development of our pressing plant we have responded to customer requirements and we have equipped it with a printing machine, which is used mainly for printing on plastic parts for medical equipment - control scale for medicinal gases, controls, distinctive labels and caps for regulation of industrial gases. In case of increase in printing capacity we are able to ensure in a very short time a second fully equipped printing machine. During products manufacture, we place emphasisonto print accuracy and repeatability, especially in polychromatic printing.

Besides production of plastic parts we offer subassembly according to customer wishes.

Commonly processed materials in our pressing plant:


Materials are processed usually fully colored, but it’s not a problem for us to process materials in the base color (natur) and color it according customer requirements - we dispose of three fully equipped inking units with a control system and connection to the presses’ control units.



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