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Water management:

Water management:

EgÚ provides drinking water supplies to the premises. We are connected the relevant local tubing. By the year 2008 all backbonedrinking water distribution pipes were restored. Apart from sanitary use and technology consumption, also the fire protection systems are connected. We have our own water reservoir with a capacity of 200 m3 and a pressure station, which increases reliability of supplies in case of a breakdown in the parent system. 

Based on the permit of the local water right authority and the Environmental Department we draw day water from two water reservoirs. Deliveries to the factory premises are secured with its own pipeline network and its own pressure station drawing water from two buffer pools with a total volume of 800 m3, which serve also as fire reserves. 

The removal of sink, industrial and rain waters is ensured by the premises’ backbone sewer network. This network connects outputs from separate objects and technologies from the networks of superior entity VaK Havlíčkův Brod.

Control activity consists in extracting and evaluation of waste water samples in connectionto valid water right decisions and Sewage Regulations, which lists the concentration limits of certain controlled substances and chemical elements.


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