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Ecology At our company we put emphasis on environmental protection. EgÚ provides application and compliance with relevant legislation given below: - Clean Air Act - Law on Waste - Chemical Law - Law on Packaging - Evidence in IPR

In addition we prepare reports, statistics, etc.

Wiring system Provides maintenance, repairs, deliveries of smaller electro installations, eventually installations according to elaborated project documentation. Personnel with qualification in accordance with decree nr.50/78 perform maintenance and repairs of HV distribution plants, LV wirings, restricted lifting equipment, etc.

Pipe installation Provide maintenance and repairs of production units and the distribution network to ensure reliable energy deliveries.

We provide external deliveries in the field of WATER, HEATING, NATURAL GAS, COMPRESSED AIR

Railway siding The company received a permit from the Railway Office to operate a factory railway siding. EgÚ organizes maintenance and operation of the siding.

Auditorial activity The EgÚ ensures auditorial activity of pressure vessels, boilers, gas appliances and electric revision for its own energy units and production units within the company.We also perform auditorial activities for external customers.


Chotěbořské strojírny, a.s.
Herrmannova 520
583 01 Chotěboř

nepřetržitý dispečink
tel.: 569 551 220
mobil: 777 226 217, 218
e-mail: dispecink@chss.cz


vedoucí energetiky
tel.: 569 551 403
e-mail: energetika@chss.cz


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