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Production of thermal energy (TE)

Production of thermal energy has undergone a significant change in the year 2006 and following years. We have put into operation a modern warm water boiler plant equipped with Viessmann boilers and Weishaupt burners. As a cold backup serves a steam boiler BK 6,5. The total installed source capacity is 9.75 MWt incl. cogeneration unit. All boilers are burning natural gas. The warm water boiler plant achieves high efficiency. Together with the highly efficient CHP low emissions are achieved.

Thermal energy distribution
CHSS obtained a license from the ERÚ for heat distribution. The central distribution pipes of TE, which are connected to the warm water boiler plant, steam heat exchangers, cogeneration unit and thermal storage distribute the heat to the buildings. At the points of TE transfer approved meters are installed. In addition to supplying TE for heating/fuel, warm water for sanitary needs is also supplied through separate pipes. Warm water is prepared inthe central transfer station and stored in three tanks.

Price of thermal energy

On the basis of ERÚ price decision was in the year 2010 assuming provided supplies of 36 200 GJ and average fuel costs a pre-calculated TE delivery price of 445 CZK / GJ excluding VAT and other taxes.


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