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Production of electrical energy

Production of electrical energy

CHSS holds a license the production of EE granted by the ERÚ. First, the EE was produced by a steam turbine generator. Nowadays it is produced by a modern system with an internal combustion engine, with an output of 0,764 MWe. Fuel natural gas. Cogeneration increases the reliability of EE supplies in the premisesduring planned interruptions and unplanned EE supply outages from the distributor. Further, all key plants like heat production, water supply, information servers, telecommunications and security system are assured. A mobile and excellent source is represented by a diesel generator with an output of 0,25 MW.

Electrical energy distribution

Ensuring distribution of EE is focused on reliable operation of devices and networks at the level of MV and LV. The factory is connected to a superior system using a 35 kV connection. Transformation of 6 kV is provided by 3 pc transformers. From the HV distribution point the HV cables continue to a total of 13 substations. Distribution is provided continuously and in this mode, the process is observed - evaluated from the central control room. Reliable operation is ensured by a regular maintenance, upgrading obsolete components,sticking to the prescribed inspection and maintenance activities, etc.

Trade with electrical energy

On the basis of obtained license, we provide within the LDS trade activity with the aim to provide energy under above-standard conditions in a competitive price level.



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