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In August 2009 a project was launched

"Increasing the adaptability of workers and competitiveness of enterprises" which is co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Czech state budget.


Brief project summary

The project focuses on professional education of employees of Chotěbořské strojírny služby, a.s. The project subject is to increase professional knowledge, skills and competences of the company's employees with aim to enhance their adaptability to changes in internal and external conditions and increase the company competitiveness on the market.


The project aims to upgrade the existing system of education in line with the strategic development plans of the company in field of diversification of business activities, expansion of the product range and increase capacity. Strategic objectives of the company include a high level and quality of deliveries and services - this can be achieved only with an experienced and qualified team.

Therefore it is necessary to intensively and continuously develop all key staff groups. A comprehensive training system will include both internal training and externally delivered training. Modern methods such as coaching, video training, etc. will be applied. All activities will focus on general education. The acquired knowledge and skills are applicable also at other employers in different industries.


External training will focus on soft skills, computer skills, professional training in the field of technical standards, technological processes, programming of CNC machines, constructive systems and other. Internal training will focus on effective use of PCs and in particular theory and practical training in machining on CNC machines.

Component part of the project is to innovate the motivational system and to create a system of internal training in manual operations using internal experts - trainers, which is necessary to ensure the ability to meet demanding customer requirements. It will involve processing methodics and materials for trainees.


Chotěbořské strojírny, a.s.
Herrmannova 520
583 01 Chotěboř

tel.: +420 569 551 111
fax: +420 569 624 663

IČO: 45534519
DIČ: CZ45534519

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